Mysticatz are small hobby owners and occasional breeders of lovingly home rear British Short and long hair and Ragdolls based in the heart of Birmingham 

The Brit captured our hearts the first time we met our first BSH whilst visiting friends of our first love our Alaskan Malamutes & Siberian Huskies 

If someone had told me I'd be taking this small bundle of  kitty fluff home with us that day I'd have told them they were stark raving mad :)  But Salem ( a beautiful seal point male joined our family that day )  followed soon after by Tarot a seal torty point and a whirl wind romance

I ( Sharr ) have always loved seal point cats regardless of breed but fell in love with the Ragdoll breed in my teens after having the pleasure of meeting an amazing one in the local hairdressers , that cat was so impressive I never forgot him and promised myself that one day I would own a cat like that :-)

Mysticatz is the prefix of myself Sharr and my daughter Rebecca most recently joining  our love of  purrkids is my other daughter Kerry , being new to the breeds we have much still to learn and our extremely grateful to have the oppourtunity of having some lovely mentors with various knowledge and yrs in the breed , we are massively thankful to Ania at Brylantowa Elita  and Sara Gibson at Laikenslove for allowing us to start on our own show / breeding plans  with two beautiful foundation females with super temperaments and for their continued support and wealth of knowledge and longstanding in their breeds 

We hope to add a few new additions in the near future and eventually hope to try our hand at showing( a hobby we have been quite successful at with our dogs ) our breeding programme lies not just with the colour points of which the seal point is one of our all time favourites ( wether in rags or brits ) but also Blues , Creams , Lilacs , selfs ,points and Bi colours .

As they say Rome wasn't built in a day so I hope you will pop back often as we continue to live love learn and grow with our chosen breeds 

Brightest Blessings Sharr , Becca & Kerrie